A Little Bit About Mike

After producing Ryan’s grammy nominated self titled album “Ryan Adams” and Jenny Lewis’ “The Voyager”, Mike spent the last year (summer 2014-summer 2015) touring the world, playing guitar for the Shining.

“Stairway To Paradise” is Mike’s latest release.(available here at the store for preorder now!) Stairway is a 7″ vinyl record with 4 songs produced and recorded by Ryan Adams at Pax Am studios in Los Angeles.


In Ryan’s words “Mike is a genius. His songs are pure genius. He records himself, though, sometimes and he ruins everything. So I made him come to my studio and just him and me made music under the name Defcon 4 ( which is a really funny story where I tried to be friends with him for 4 FUCKING YEARS and he never really wrote back so I wrote him a mean email and he asked if we could please bring it down to Defcon 4 please… now we are true bros )…. Anyway he is a genius and I basically make him make stuff really quickly and not think about it.When you do that to him he breaks your heart. Fuck you, Mike. You’re so smart you asshole. I love you. These tracks are assorted, a few from the first session we ever did together and a few from the concept record “I’m Going To Kill You” that Mike is making about going back in time and hunting his own self. I would do it for him but I am still ripping solos”

Pocket Mike Viola History:
A prolific Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer and recording artist, Mike Viola first came into the national spotlight as founder and frontman of the Candy Butchers.  After 3 albums with Sony, Mike became known for not only creating music for award-winning films (“Get Him To The Greek,” “Walk Hard,” “That Thing You Do!”), but also writing and producing for other artists (Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis, Andrew McMahon, Matt Nathanson, New Politics, Fall Out Boy,  Brett Dennen, Mandy Moore, Rachael Yamagata, Tim Christensen, Gin Wigmore, Jill Sobule, Dan Wilson).